Study Abroad: What to Pack for a Month-Long Trip


I have finally graduated (whoo!) and am now in France for the next three weeks! :) I have been in Paris, France for 1 week and so far, I love it! I have used everything I packed and thought it would be helpful to put together a packing list for anyone who is studying abroad for a month. Packing for me is usually stressful but this list definitely helped me this time around. I don't feel like I brought too much and all I did was check in a bag and carry on a small duffel. I hope this little list helps! :)


Dresses (5)

Rompers (3)

Shorts (2)

Skirt (1 Black))

Jeans (black, dark wash, light wash)

Shirts (10)

Flats (3)

Sandals (3)

Heels (1)

Running Shoes (1)

Sports Bras (3)

Running Pants (3)

Workout Shirts (3)



Portable Charger (This is so important if you get lost!)

Laptop, Charger (I didn't need to take my laptop but I like that I can watch movies on it and also keep up with my blog)

Phone Charger




Aloe Vera

Hair Brush, Hair Ties, Clips, Bobby Pins



Toothbrush, Toothpaste

Band-aids & Ointment


Travel size toiletry bag for first nights*

I didn't bring shampoo, conditioner, or body wash because I can get those while I'm in Paris. 


Wrinkle Release Spray (By the time I arrived, most of the clothes I packed were wrinkled so this was a huge help)

Travel Wallet (RIFD protection)

Eye Mask (For plane ride)

Packing cubes for suitcase- These were game changers! I rolled up most of my clothes and put them in mesh packing cubes and everything fit perfectly inside my suitcase.

Small tote bag for school books- This is the one thing that I didn't bring and I wish I had. I just ended up buying one here in France. 

Crossbody bag

Journal-This has been one of the most important things for me to bring. I want to look back and remember this trip!

I hope I'm not missing anything but this is what I packed for my month-long study abroad trip! I will probably edit this post if I find out that I didn't bring something that I needed.

Have a blessed day!