A Visit to The Pioneer Woman Mercantile in Oklahoma

I am so happy that finals are done and school is out! After my last final, I headed down to Oklahoma to spend some time with my mom and family. I had a blast with my sister, cousins, nieces, and nephews. While the kids were a handful, I loved spending time with them! I only get to see them once every few years so it's always a good time when we get together. While I was there, I drove down to Pawhuska and stopped by the Pioneer Woman Mercantile. The food was absolutely delicious and the decor was beautiful. My mom has been wanting to go there for a while so I was happy to tag along!

I absolutely LOVE the wall design. This was where we sat during lunch and where the Deli was situated. 

We ordered the yummy Turkey & Bacon Club! It was huge so we decided to share it. We also had Greek salads and for dessert, Chocolate Cake and ice cream! If you ever go to the Mercantile, you HAVE to get the Chocolate Cake. Also, I loved that the sweet tea was served in gigantic mason jars. You can never have too much sweet tea.  ;)

I was told that all of the pictures on the walls were from the Pioneer Woman's farm. So heartwarming!

The building that existed before the Mercantile is still visible in the top portion of the wall. I like that they didn't cover it up when building the Merc. I like the rustic feel. 

The shop is filled with tons of dishes, clothes, jewelry and knick knacks. It takes at least a full hour to make it around to see everything. 

That picture melts my heart. :')

The upstairs portion of the Merc was super comfy and homey. Hence, the couches and antique furniture. My biggest regret is that I didn't try the sweets and coffee. :( Next time for sure!

I had such a fun-filled day with my mama. If you live in Oklahoma make sure you stop by the Pioneer Woman Mercantile!

Here are a few things that I saw at the Mercantile and loved! The Elephant and French Bulldog salt and pepper shakers are my faves! :)

Have a blessed day!