Winter Skincare Routine

Hello, friends!

The transition into winter is so harsh on my skin! I love my skin in the summer but as soon as winter hits, my face gets super dry and putting on/wearing makeup is rough. Add the fact that I'm a college student and can't afford to spend millions of dollars on skincare products, and I'm basically a lost cause. Luckily, I have found a few products that I absolutely LOVE and can actually afford. YAY. This is just a short round up of my fav products this winter. 


I hate, hate, hate having to take off my makeup and then having to wash my face afterward. It takes so much time and is just annoying to do. I found this face wash that is super gentle and also takes off everything, meaning all your makeup! Usually, when I use a face wash to take off everything, I still have the remains of makeup on afterward. This face wash takes it ALL off. I switch between the Sea Foam and Kale Detox. I also like that they are vegan free and the ingredients are pretty clean. 


This is also from the same brand, Pacifica, and is a great toner. I don't like when toners leave my face super sticky and this one does a good job at gently cleansing. Dang, I sound like a commercial but I seriously love this brand. LOL


This moisturizer is my new favorite! I usually like face gels but this cream works wonders for me. I put it on at night and then add some to my dry spots in the morning. The clary sage helps to trap moisture. Works for me!!  


This is Lush's coffee mask and I literally use it every other day. It gets rid of dead skin and also helps with under eye bags. 


This is another Lush mask that I love. A friend gave it to me for Christmas and I use it at least once a week.  It helps brighten my face and gets rid of acne.

I hope these suggestions were helpful! Winter can be such a pain, but these products have definitely helped my skin drastically. 

Have a blessed day!