Ways to Improve Your French

Bonjour mes amis!

How weird is it that I'm going to be living in Paris, France for an entire month!? While I am incredibly excited, I am also very nervous for this trip. I have never been to Europe and I do not have a lot of practice in speaking French. I have taken a few French courses at my school but have never felt competent in speaking French. However, I have been doing a few things to help me get used to the French language. These resources and tips have definitely helped me become more comfortable with speaking and reading French.  I hope these tips are helpful!

Useful Apps

  • Lingq

If you learn best by reading, then this app is for you! On this app, you are given passages to read and it keeps track of all the vocab you know or don't know. It includes the words you don't know in proceeding passages to help you learn them. It also gives definitions of all words. At any time you can quiz yourself on the words. 

  • Quizlet

This app is pretty self-explanatory. It is really annoying to have to flip through flashcards but it has helped me to review a lot of French words that I have forgotten. A great thing about this app is that you can search flashcard sets and find exactly what you need. Right now, I am focusing on French verbs. Exciting... I know. 

Movies/Shows/Youtube Channels

  • Series of Unfortunate Events (Show on Netflix)
  • Les Aventures Extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec (Can rent movie on Youtube or Amazon)
  • DamonandJo (Youtube Channel)- I absolutely LOVE this channel. Damon and Jo are so hilarious and they speak French and English in their videos, which is nice. They give tips on the Fench language and do vlogs while they travel around the world. Both have lived in France. 
  • Not even French (Youtube Channel)- This channel talks about what it's like living in France as a New Zealander. She gives great tips on how to deal with and enjoy the French culture and also tips on how to learn French. 
  • Le monde de Salomé (Youtube Channel)- This is mostly a makeup channel. She goes through makeup products, daily routines and decor.


  • Pardon my Obsession- This is a fashion blog and I love that she writes in English and French. Also, her style rocks.
  • To Europe and Beyond- This blog isn't French but gives a ton of advice on traveling. She goes through the coolest places to visit in France and best ways to travel. This blog is getting me so excited to travel the world!!


  • French Coffee Break- I usually listen to this podcast at work and on my lunch break. Each episode is around 20 minutes long. The episodes that I am listening to right now are about the culture and history of different parts of France. The episodes are very conversational and interesting. 


These books are pretty beginner, but even then I still spend a lot of time looking up words. 

  • Les Vacance du Petit Nicolas
  • Harry Potter Series

Misc. Tips & Tricks

  • Change phone to French Language- This gets me in the "French mind" mode. It was confusing at first but I am getting used to it. 
  • Write down words on post-its for reminders- I stick post-its all around my bedroom and even around my cubicle at work. French verbs are seriously the worst for me right now!
  • Hello, French music!! I am in love with the French artist, Indila. Her songs are so beautiful and fun to listen to. 

I hope this post was helpful! These tools and tips have definitely helped me to feel more confident with the French language!

Have a blessed day! :)