Goodbye, College!

Hello, friends! 

It has definitely been a hot minute since I wrote a post on here. While I thought my last semester of college would be a breeze, it has actually been ridiculously busy! I am in my last week of college; I graduate this Friday. WEIRD. I am so excited but life will definitely be different.

I am almost done with my final research program paper. Whooo! It is due on Tuesday but of course I am writing a post on here instead. It's actually almost finished so I'm not worried. Once I am done with this year long research program, I will be able to graduate with honors. It was a lot of hard work but so worth it!

After I graduate, I will be studying abroad in France for a month! Can you believe it?! It is seriously a dream come true. I will be living in Paris, France and will be attending school every day from 9-1pm. I will be staying with a host family and I will be a 5-minute walk away from my school. I am not fluent in French but I can carry somewhat of a conversation. I have been practicing but the only way to truly learn is to be fully immersed!

I thought it would be a cool little idea to write about five things that college taught me. While it wasn't always fun working and going to school full time, I definitely learned a lot about myself and my time in college. These tips are pretty random but I hope they are somewhat helpful!

1. Don' read ALL books and articles assigned by teachers. LET ME EXPLAIN. My major, Global Affairs, is very reading and writing intensive but I always found it odd that every single teacher of mine would assign 200 pages to read each week. Multiply that by 5 and you have a 1000 pages to read a week. That seems a little impossible and stressful! So, instead of reading everything, skim by reading the intro, middle and conclusion. Obviously I had to use my own judgment on what articles and books were more important and would therefore need more attention, but you get the general idea. I always felt bad for not reading everything, but hey, I made A's!

2. Meet more people. I definitely wished that I would have met more people in college, especially since I was a commuter student. I was always so scared to make friends in class, but looking back I wish I would have reached out to more people. It's nice to have a diverse set of friends. 

3. Meal prepping is key to staying healthy. I didn't always have time to work out in college because of my whacky schedule and it sucked! However, because I meal prepped every week I was able to stay somewhat healthy. It also saves a lot of time!

4. Be involved. This doesn't mean you have to be a member of 20 clubs but being a member of one or two can actually be a lot of fun. This was one way I met people that I normally wouldn't be able to meet. I was a part of an on-campus ministry for two year of college and it was the best experience ever! 

5. Enjoy the time and be thankful for the experiences. As college comes to an end for me, this proves to be so important. As I am finishing up my last college assignment, a thirty page paper, I am trying to enjoy the last moments. Kind of hard but I know I will miss sitting in my school's library or 24 hour Starbucks writing and stressing over school. Okay, maybe not the stress part but I will miss drinking my three shots of espresso over ice and filling in my planner with to-dos. I will miss walking to class in the early mornings and overeating at the campus Panera with friends. These are the small things that made my college experience great and I am so thankful I got to experience them. 


I hope you enjoyed this post! Goodbye, college!!!