Summer Fitness Challenge: Week 4 Recap

Hey, friends!

This past week was super busy for me as usual. I wish I could have worked out more but honestly, it was really hard to make time for my workouts. I had family in town so I feel like I was running around all week trying to see everyone. I need to get better at sticking to my workout schedule even when it gets busy. I start school next week so it's only going to get harder! 

I am only going to do one more fitness recap and then my summer fitness challenge will be over. I've loved committing myself to a workout schedule and planning out healthy meals and snacks. I want to continue my healthy habits into my school year and hopefully, create some new goals. One thing that I want to start doing is getting up early every morning so that I can make a healthy smoothie. I have not done a good job eating breakfast every morning and it really annoys me because I just end up snacking. I want to start having either a green smoothie or spinach omelet for breakfast.

One thing that I need to start thinking about is my dinner plans when I start classes again. I work Monday through Friday from 7:30-4pm and then will start having classes from 4:30-7:10 Monday through Wednesday. The biggest issue I have is that by the time I am hungry, my packed food gets all soggy. I may have to invest in a good lunch bag that keeps food cold! Let me know in the comments if you know of any. :)

I didn't work out a lot this past week. I went to a yoga class and did a day of cardio. I hate that I kind of got off-track but this last week will be so much better! Last week I told you guys that I loved listening to audiobooks when I work out. I have also discovered my love for podcasts! OMG y'all. I love listening to sermons and I found this podcast called Breakaway Ministries. I've already listened to two sermons and I love it so far! And it's free! ;)


This smoothie has 2 tsps of alkaline greens mix, 1 cup of strawberries, 1 cup of water, and 1 banana. The strawberries definitely help to keep the smoothie sweet after adding the green mix.


This is what my groceries looked like this week. 


For my meal prep I made grilled balsamic lemon chicken, green beans, zucchini noodles, and healthy mashed potatoes. I also made grilled chicken with the coconut aminos seasoning for my dinners. For my healthy mashed potatoes, I use coconut oil instead of butter and pink salt. The coconut oil makes the potatoes super creamy and filling. 


These are the seasonings I used. The balsamic is my favorite to cook with!


I get really hungry in between meals so I've been trying to pack healthy snacks for work. The sugar snap peas are so yummy. Also, I like the yogurt ranch dressing but I dont think I will get it again because it tastes too sweet.


I usually get the Larabars but I decided to also grab these Kind bars. These bars are great because they dont have a lot of sugar.


Broke college girl tip: always buy the great value brand k cups. They recently came out with a bunch of different flavors and they are half the price of normal k cups. They taste just as good!


Lastly, I've been eating chocolate rice cakes with nut butter on top as a pre-workout snack. 

I know this post was pretty short but I hope you enjoyed my food ideas!

What is your favorite snack to take to work?

How do you stay on track with workouts when your life gets busy?

Have a blessed day!