Summer Fitness Challenge: Week 2 Recap

Hello, friends!

I had a super productive week and loved my workouts! I've been really good about drinking a lot of water and eating more greens. I was a little more flexible with my diet and had some wheat and dairy which is super unusual.

I've heard that this helps to balance your pH and detox your body, so I decided to do a few "shots". I mixed it with water so that it wasn't too harsh on my stomach. 

I order my protein and green powder from Tropeaka. It's an Australian company so it does take a while to ship but it is so worth it! I usually use the pea protein in my acai bowls and shakes after my workouts. The Alkaline Greens powder tastes pretty good when mixed with fruit smoothies. 

You have to try these protein bagels! They are completely organic and have 12 grams of protein per bagel. I sometimes have a bagel sandwich with 3 scrambled eggs after my workout.

This week for my lunches I had chicken salad with peppers, cucumbers and spinach, 

I love this yogurt. It doesn't have as much sugar as Noosa yogurt and has more protein. I always mix in some granola. 


Rice cakes are one of my favorite snacks because they are basically chips. They have a lot of different flavors too. 

Before my workouts, I have half a cup of oats with some honey and cinnamon. It's sooooooo delicious.

These are some snacks that I had this week. The Lemmon Poppyseed R Bars taste like lemon muffins. I also had Betty Lou's Probiotic Bar.


On Friday I went to dinner with my friend at True Foods. This was the Mediterranean Quinoa salad. After, we got some gelato. :)

For the dumbbell exercises, I used an 8-pound dumbbell. I know that doesn't seem like a lot but I always try to do the exercises really slow in order to avoid injury and get the best results. 


Making some progress! :)

Hope this post gave you some ideas for food and workouts!

Have a blessed day!