Healthy Stuffed Bell Peppers

Hello, friends!

I hope everyone is having a great Fourth of July weekend! 

These healthy stuffed bell peppers are so delcious and super easy to make when you have a busy weekend. 

These are what my groceries look like for this week. I usually spend only $50 at Trader Joe's per week.

I only used three seasonings in this recipe just to keep things simple. As you probably know from previous meal prep posts, I'm in LOVE with Mrs. Dash seasonings. They are perfect for healthy cooking because they don't contain salt. 

For this meal prep, I used black beans, quinoa, lean ground turkey and bell peppers. I don't like getting super lean ground turkey because I do want it to have some fat and taste to it. I also should have probably added some tomatoes or corn to this mixture but I forgot to pick some up. Also, cheese is good to add if you're a fan of it. I'm not. 

First, I cooked the quinoa and ground turkey separately. Then I combined them into one saucepan after the turkey was cooked through and the quinoa was almost done. I then added the black beans and let everything cook for about 15 minutes on medium. 

Usually, I use whole bell peppers, but since there is a lot of protein in quinoa and turkey I thought it would be better to fill half bell peppers instead. I did this so that I could include a half bell pepper with each meal.

I filled the halves and threw them in the oven at 365 degrees and left them in there for about 25-30 min.

Lastly, I include some cooked green beans on the side. I could eat green beans every day, they are so dang good. :)

This is the finished look! Overall, I made about 7 meals. This recipe was super quick and the stuffed bell peppers were so yummy and filling. Hope you liked this post, see ya next time!

Have a blessed day!