Meal Prep: Chicken, Zucchini, Red Potatoes

Hello, friends!

For this meal prep I decided to make different variations of chicken so I wouldn't have to eat the same cooked chicken for a week straight. I usually don't mind doing it but this week I decided to make things a little more exciting. 

These are the seasonings I usually use. I love Mrs. Dash and the Balsamic Vinegar. I never measure anything out. I have a pretty good feel for how much of everything I should be using. :)

I recently found this at Trader Joe's and decided to use it to cook my chicken with. It is delicious!

I am so in love with this chicken sausage. I get really tired of the texture and taste of chicken breasts and these are defintely a nice change. While they are yummy, I won't be eating them every week just because the sodium is kind of high. I do like that the ingredients are minimal and natural. 

The chicken sausages do come cooked but I like to throw them in the saucepan to get them crispy. 

Next, I chopped up 2 zucchinis and cooked them in the saucepan with some pink salt, coconut oil, garlic powder, and the Mrs. Dash garlic and herb mix. I just cooked them on medium until they were soft!

I also cut up some red potatoes and cooked them in the saucepan as well. I used coconut oil, pink salt,  garlic powder, and the Mrs. Dash garlic and herb mix. I cooked them on medium until they were soft!

I love mini tomatoes so I grabbed a box at Trader Joe's and cut them up into quarters. 

I made two chicken breasts with tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, pink salt, and Italian seasoning. I know it seems like a lot of tomatoes, but I was craving them this week!

I made these two chicken breasts with the eggplant garlic spread with sweet peppers. 

I cooked all 4 chicken breasts at 380 degrees  for 30 min.

And, voila! This is what my finished meal prep looked like! Super delicious and easy.

Hope you have a blessed day!