Crockpot Meal Prep

Hey friends!

Crockpot meals are my absolute favorite because they are SO easy! All you have to do is throw a bunch of food in a pot, turn in on and let it cook. For this meal, I did something super simple and it turned out delicious. I do try to meal prep every Sunday or Monday but sometimes I don't feel like going all out and cooking a bunch of food. When this happens, I usually do a crockpot meal prep. I really want to start getting more creative with these meals, but as of now, they are pretty simple. 


For this meal prep, I used an entire box of chicken broth in order to keep the chicken from becoming too dry and also to help soak the vegetables so they become nice and soft. I also used a tablespoon of coconut oil and seasoned everything with the seasons shown below. I like to use powders and Mrs. Dash because they don't contain salt. 

I used two bags of red potatoes from Trader Joe's and cut them up into quarters. I wanted extra potatoes so that's why I used two bags. If you wanted enough to last you a week then one bag would be fine. 

I halved the green beans but ended up not using the broccoli. Maybe next time!

I put the potatoes and green beans in first and then seasoned the chicken and added it to the pot. I used 2 large chicken breasts and seasoned it with the chicken and garlic and herb seasonings.

Lastly, I mixed everything together in the pot in order to make sure it was mixed in with the chicken broth. I turned the crockpot on high and let it cook for 6 hours. I probably should have turned it off at 5 hours but I got sidetracked. If you like your chicken more tender and juicy then I would definitely say 5 hours.

This is what it ended up looking like! Overall, I made about 6 meals. :)

Hope you enjoyed this post, have a blessed day!