Meal Prep: Quinoa/Rice Bowls

I had such an awesome Monday! I usually meal prep on Sundays but I wanted to do it with my friend, Hannah, this week so we decided to do it today. We went on a three-mile walk on some trails behind my house and had such a fun time together. We wanted to go on a small run but decided it was probably better to learn the lay of the land before we ran the trails. Afterward, we went inside and got started on our meal prep.  I was craving quinoa/rice bowls, so I decided to make those this week. My school always sells these so I decided to save some money and make my own! I wanted to make quinoa and rice bowls to add some variety. So, some bowls have quinoa and some have rice. 

I cooked my baby bell peppers with garlic powder, pink Himalayan salt, and Italian seasoning. I let them cook until they were soft and then took them off the heat.

The quinoa is pretty straight forward: just soak it in water until it softens!

I cut up 2 cucumber, 3 tomatoes, and added fresh spinach on top (not shown in picture). I also boiled 5 thin chicken breasts and added them to the bowls. Voila! Easy and yummy quinoa/rice bowls! Super simple but delicious! :)

I usually add some balsamic dressing to my bowls to give them some flavor. My favorite!

This is probably one of the easier meal preps because it does not involve a lot of cooking, just a lot of cutting. Super healthy and I can't wait to gobble them up this week! :)

P.S. I made these overnight oats. I put half a cup of oats and a cup of almond milk in a jar. I added cinnamon, chia seeds, and honey. I am so excited to try this tomorrow!

Have a blessed day!